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AIRE/PRO INC. is a full service HVAC/Refrigeration contractor.
Our two owners have over 40 years experience helping families and businesses in the
Puget Sound area maintain and improve their refrigeration, heating, and cooling equipment.

 The corporation is designed and developed to support the needs of our 
customer base. We work as a team with your management to provide the most expedient 
and cost efficient solutions to all of your HVAC and Refrigeration dilemmas. Our expert
technicians are on call 24 hours, even on weekends, to assure minimal cost, and
inconvenience to all of our customers.

All of our technicians have been EPA certified. We are licensed to handle
the most up to date, and environmentally friendly refrigerants. Aire Pro also carries
$3,000,000 worth of liability insurance to make our customers’ and their financiers
comfortable. We are fully licensed and bonded in the State of Washington. In addition,
we are registered with the Office of Women and Minority Business Enterprises.

HVAC and Refrigeration equipment is not going to last a lifetime. Our 
service department will provide you with an accurate diagnosis, and an expert repair, 
all at a competitive price. We also offer a full range of Preventative Maintenance
packages to help your equipment continue at its peak performance level.

When a growing business needs to upgrade its current equipment, whether 
it is a new construction project or the replacement of outdated equipment, The Aire Pro 
installation department will provide you with outstanding workmanship, design expertise,
and a price that can easily fit in to your budget.

Whether a new construction project, or the replacement of outdated equipment, the 
Aire Pro installation department will provide you with outstanding workmanship, design, 
and expertise, all at a fair price. We have the desire to make you a customer for life.